Breed Standard

Breed Standard for the Plummer Terrier

General Character

A  Plummer Terrier should be strong, hardy, active and adaptable, with terrier characteristics and as much substance as possible, they should be equally at home in the house as in the kennel, be highly intelligent, courageous and tenacious. Affectionate, loyal and trustworthy with both family and friends, yet should present a bright, alert appearance without displaying any excessive aggression or nervousness.

Head – Medium sized, full of quality with strong bones and powerful cheek and jaw muscles with well defined stop

Ears Dropped rounded and neatly pinned to the head. Prick or rose ears are not encouraged

Eyes  Dark, prominent and oval, set widely apart.light eyes to be discouraged

Muzzle  Strong, lips tight with no excessive looseness. Teeth strong and even with full scissor bite.

Neck – Strong, elegant especially in the case of bitches, and well carried.

Shoulders and forelegs – Strong well laid back and developed without excessive muscle tone. Forelegs should be set square and straight and not tied in. The feet are small and compact but still good-sized, round, with strong robust pads, sturdy toes and strong nails feet neither turning in or out. Forelegs should show good reach on the move

Back, Hindquarters and hind legs Back and loins muscular, strong showing great flexibility with well defined muscle development. Hindquarters should be lengthy and strong. Hind legs- second thigh should be well developed. Hocks clean and flat, turning neither inwards nor outwards with good bend of stifle. Hindquarters should show good drive and propulsion on the move

Body should be slightly longer in body than height from ground to shoulders Depth through the heart should be easily spanned with two hands placed just behind the shoulders.

Tail  Carried high on the move it can be carried lower when at rest. the tail is usually docked to just less than four inches, undocked of moderate length giving a general appearance of balance to the dog. Curled tails are not encouraged.

Coat Short, close and without guard hairs, yet with ability to withstand weather. Loose/broken coats not acceptable.

Colour and markings – A bright  fiery red and white. Full caped from head to tail or a broad collar of white between head and shoulders are encouraged, underside of the belly and chest, front and rear legs should be white although flecking is acceptable. Head either solid colour or with stripe or badger marked. Red self coloured terriers, tri coloured terriers, brindle, black or black and white terriers should not be encouraged

Height Maximum height to the shoulder dog or bitch should be 14 inch

Weight Should be consistent with size

Male animals should have two apparently normal testes fully descended into the scrotum

Movement – Should be light, energetic, free, true and forcible and cover the ground. Hocks should be flexed under the body with straight powerful leverage.

Faults – Undershot or overshot mouths, unsoundness, coarseness or displaying a hereditary fault